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Infection and Immunity

Section Speakers Infection & Immunity

Georg Gasteiger
Franziska Faber
Oliver Kurzai

The topic “Infection and Immunity” represents an internationally recognized major research focus of the University of Würzburg.

Strong interdisciplinary bonds between the Faculties of Medicine, Biology, and Chemistry & Pharmacy are hallmarks of this research field in Würzburg. Scientists from the participating faculties cover all the relevant disciplines and methodological approaches in infectious disease research. The network of researchers in the section “Infection and Immunity” however also explores such -seemingly- quite different phenomena as the genesis and control of cancer or aspects of symbiosis in plant biology. The scientific program spans research on host-pathogen interactions, genome research in pathogenic microbes, identification and characterization of novel anti-infectives, molecular processes of immune response in various host organisms including humans, mechanisms of tumorigenic processes induced by microbes, and new concepts in immune therapy. This comprehensive coverage of topics will guarantee the broadest possible training for doctoral students, yet provide a focus on common and converging mechanisms.

If you want to learn more about research going on in this area in Würzburg, there are several ways to proceed:

A. Have a look at the collaborative research programs and research training groups, mostly supported by the DFG:

B. Check the profiles of the principal investigators associated with this section 


C. Visit the homepages of the individual research centers, institutes and clinics (not everything is available in English on that level)