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    Open Positions

    Open Positions

    Principal investigators of the GSLS frequently offer positions funded by various sources. We list such positions on this page. The list below is however not necessarily comprehensive. Please consult the home pages of the individual research institutions for additional postings.

    If you are interested in one of the positions listed below please apply directly to the principal investigator in charge, mentioning the GSLS homepage as your source of information.

    Doctoral Positions

    PhD position in Single Molecule Biophysics / Structural & Molecular Biology, Rudolf Virchow Center, Dr. Ingrid Tessmer

    3 graduate student positions, Department of Experimental Biomedicine, Rudolf Virchow Center/University Hospital Würzburg, 14th April 2023

    PhD position in Immunology - Leukemia immunotherapy, Department of Medicine II, Dr. Haroon Shaikh in the Beilhack group, 31st January 2023

    PhD student position in the Aguilar group, Institute of Molecular Infection Biology/Research Center for Infectious Diseases, 9th January 2023

    Postdoctoral Positions