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Graduate School of Life Sciences

Cardiovascular Sciences

Training Program: Cardiovascular Sciences


Prof. Dr. Bernhard Nieswandt

Underlying program:

SFB 688


This program explores the different aspects of the cardiovascular system. Special thematical focus is given to the interactions between the cells of the cardiovascular system e.g. the adhesion of platelets to the wall of a blood vessel or the migration of leukocytes though layers of endothel. The methods central to this subsection are the molecular and functional visualization of these cellular interactions.

Offered Events:

The exact schedule for the events can be found here.

Scientific Courses:

The subsection Cardiovascular Sciences utilizes a wide variety of methods and offers training for those methods for students of the GSLS. The spectrum ranges from bioinformatic analysis to cell culture techniques and in vivo imaging. For a complete overview visit the homepage of the SFB 688.