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GSLS Career Development Fellowships

With so-called Career Development Fellowships the GSLS aims at supporting especially PhD students in the final stage of their project to continue their work for short periods after graduation. This provides them the possibility to complete publications resulting from their doctoral project and to submit grant applications for subsequent post-doctoral periods.

The fellowships will be awarded to excellent graduates of the GSLS for up to six months. The submission deadline for applications is  7th April 2024.

Next planned submission deadline is 30th September 2024.


Information event (via Zoom): 20th March 2024, 1:00 pm


How to apply for the GSLS Career Development fellowships

  • Complete the application form
  • Send an application (in English) including a statement of motivation, introduction to the research project, a detailed work plan and time schedule for the 6-month period (total of max. 8 pages)
  • Provide your current CV with publication record
  • Provide a reference letter from your primary supervisor

Please send your application in PDF format to:
Prof. Dr. Christian Wegener, Email:

In case of additional questions please contact:
Dr. Jennifer Ritzer, Phone: 31-83630, Email: