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Current Members

Nicolas Hagedorn (Speaker)

(Since 2022) Hi, my Name is Nico and I just started my second year as a PhD student in the group of Prof. Janzen (Dep. of Cell- and Developmental Biology). I work with Leishmania parasites to understand how they establish an infection within their mammalian host cell (Macrophages). I came to Würzburg in 2013 for my Bachelor’s and stayed for my Master’s and PhD. In the past I’ve already organized our department's seminar series with external speakers well as a PhD Retreat. I think my organizational and team-working skills are a good requisite for the DRC and I hope to strengthen my skills even further with my work for the DRC.


Gurumoorthy Amudhan (Deputy)

(Since 2022) Hi, I am Guru, a first-year PhD student. I started my PhD in September 2021 in the group of Prof. Christian Häring associated with the department of biochemistry and cell biology at the biocenter. I am a biochemist with a special interest in structural biology. I work primarily on condensin, a motor protein complex involved in chromosome assembly. The focus of my PhD is to understand the mechanism of how condensin with other factors regulates gene expression on a chromosome-wide scale. I see DRC as a platform to build a network with fellow students from GSLS. In DRC, I want to help improve the overall quality of the PhD experience and build on my networking and organizational skills.


Daniel Rodriguez

(Since 2022) Hi, my name is Daniel Rodríguez, I am a Colombian biologist with a great interest in Behavioral and Chemical Ecology. I started at the end of 2020, after finishing my MSc in Biosciences at the JMU-Würzburg. I am analyzing, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmitt and Prof. Dr. Ricarda Scheiner, the function of cuticular hydrocarbons of honeybees as climatic adaptations and communication cues/signals.  In the DRC I see a good networking and socializing opportunity, which I enable me to aid and assist my fellows throughout their doctoral studies.



Tilmann Richl

(Since 2022) Hey, my name is Tilmann and I’m a second-year PhD student in the department of Structural Biology in the group of Caroline Kisker. My research is focused on the prediction, modelling and functional investigation of protein-DNA interactions on a genomic scale – here, I aim to develop approaches to help researchers navigate and interpret large datasets. I appreciate the structural support from the GSLS and embrace the idea of a committee to represent our interests. Within the DRC, I would like to help fellow students in difficult situations and contribute to the discussion about uncertain future perspectives for young scientists.


Gabriela Amaral

(Since 2022) Hi, I am Gabriela (Gabi), am 24 y/o, study medicine in the 8th semester and am conducting a doctoral thesis about platelets and inflammation at the RVZ in Würzburg. I'd like to candidate for the council because I am very grateful that I have been accepted for the Excellence Programm and received the scholarship. So I'd like to return that in some way and make it possible for others to have the opportunity that I am having. I am very organized and responsible with my activities and would do everything so that doctoral candidates profit the most from their time in the GSLS.



Andrea Milic

(Since 2022) Hi, my name is Andrea and I come from Montenegro. I studied molecular biology and physiology, both BSc and MSc in Belgrade, Serbia after which i started my PhD in September 2019. I work in the institute for virology in a group of Prof. Dr.  Lars Dolken. My project is mainly concentrated on HSV-1 immediate early protein ICP22, it’s functional characterization as well as it’s interactome studies. In my free time I enjoy reading, exercising, cooking and having a nice dinner with my friends. I find that DRC offers a lot of possibilities to meet new people and improve  our organizational and management skills, aimed at advancing the life of the PhD students.


Laura Hartleb

(Since 2022) Hey, my name is Laura Hartleb and I am in the second year of my PhD. I am working in the department of cell and developmental biology in the group of Christian Janzen. My focus lies on the charaterization of the chromatin structure in the parasite T. brucei. As a member of the GSLS, I already enjoyed the advantages of the structure and programs of the GSLS. Within the DRC, I would use my organizational skills to represent the interests of other young scientist, to further enhance the PhD life, and also to improve my own skills.



Andrea-Rafaela Nicolaidou

(Since 2023) Hello, my name is Andrea Rafaela and I come from Cyprus. I just started my first year of PhD with Prof. Dr. Rössler in the Behavioural Physiology and Sociobiology department, after also completing my BSc and MSc here in Würzburg. I am interested in the integration of different sensory (olfactory and visual) modalities in the honeybee, as it is essential in their foraging behaviour. With my participation in the DRC, I hope to build my own network within the doctoral student community and help others do the same by organising events and guiding them through their studies.


Anastasiia Makhotkina

(Since 2023) Hi! I’m from Ukraine and came to Würzburg for my master study in Translational Neuroscience in 2019. Now I continue my studies here as a PhD student working on a potential cure for Parkinson’s disease!
My life has taught me to stand for what is right, so I will be glad to use my experience to help and advocate for fellow students as a member of DRC. I will be also glad to have an opportunity to use my teamwork skills and need for creativity in the organization of the DRC events.


Franziska Dusi

(Since 2024) I am Franzi and I'm currently working on my PhD on 3D adipose tissue models for breast cancer research at the UKW.

During my Masters in Medical Immunoscience and Infection, an international program in Bonn, I got in contact with students from all over the world. I've always enjoyed and profited from the subject-specific, but especially the informal exchange with my fellows and I'd love to continue that by joining the DRC.

Being in my second year, I can already offer some experience and helpful advice for new students, but with at least two more years to go, there is still some time to learn more and contribute to the GSLS organization.


Miriam Campillo Prados

(Since 2024) My name is Miriam Campillo Prados and I come from Spain. I studied my Bachelor in beautiful Sevilla, did my Erasmus in Würzburg and liked it here so much that I decided to come back... and here I am now. In May I started my PhD in the group of Dr. Martin Vaeth. My project mainly focuses on the metabolic changes of innate and adaptive immune cells upon infection of S. aureus. Apart from science, I really enjoy connecting with people, organising events and helping out other students going through same situations. As I do not want my PhD to be only a professional experience, but also a personal one, I would be interested in joining the Council.


Salma Abosabie

(Since 2024) My name is Salma Abosabie. I am a forth year medical student and first year Masters of translational medicine student in JMU Würzburg. I am also a medical doctoral researcher in the MD Excellence thesis program of the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS) conducting the lab work for my doctoral thesis at the Yale Cancer Center and Yale Cardiovascular Research Center. I have secured funding from various German scholarships to fund my stay in the US.
I have always enjoyed scientific research and have worked with different research groups in the past 6 years which results in various publications as co author in peer reviewed journals. My dream is to follow the physician scientist track as Cardiologist after I graduate from med school.
I want to apply for the DRC to be able to help my fellow GSLS MD/ PhD candidates and connect with likeminded people. Given my thesis stay abroad, I want to help my colleagues with securing research stays abroad and the necessary funding needed for such stays.