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Diploma Supplement - Medical Doctoral Researchers

You will receive a Diploma Supplement from the GSLS in addition to the degree certificates. The Diploma Supplement serves as an official supporting document to your CV and is designed to showcase the range of skills and the spectrum of experiences you have gathered during the structured doctoral training programme you participated in whilst carrying out your experimental work.

Before filling out the Diploma Supplement, please note the following:

  • Only confirmed participations in the Yellow Study Book (confirmed either through a signature from the relevant person (supervisor, course leader) or accompanying certificate of attendance) can be included in the final version of the Diploma Supplement.
  • Please use the format/layout indicated in the template and please give us full dates/information - we are grateful for your cooperation in this aspect!
  • Please enter all information in reverse chronological order (begin with the most recent date and work backwards)

We ask you to complete the Diploma Supplementtemplate according to your accomplishments according to your Yellow Study Book.

Please then attach the completed Word document to an email and send to: Heike Schrenk or Katharina Bötsch.

Many thanks!