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Graduate School of Life Sciences


Why join this program?

Mentees benefit from professional advice and

  • become empowered with key competences
  • acquire significant leadership knowledge
  • establish a network

Mentors enjoy supporting young female researchers and

  • pass on their own expertise
  • extend their networks into the future
  • change their perspectives with new impulses

Mentoring involves

  • the passing on of informal knowledge and contacts
  • individual advice and feedback
  • career promotion
  • support in network building and extension

Be encouraged by what mentees say:

1.) "During the program you will get support from different sides, from mentors but also from other mentees and different workshops which will be offered. The program is a great way to structure your career, to get in touch with people from different departments, support each other, development of your professional skills.

Probably you might fear the program costs too much time but be sure the time is worth it since you invest in your future. All in all, mentoring is a unique chance you get offered from the GSLS to improve yourself. Join the mentoring program. Be smart - take part!"

2.) "Have you ever asked yourself where you want to stand in 5 years time?

  • Do you have a plan for your career?
  • Do you need somebody to ask questions, you cannot address so far?
  • Do you feel alone in the lab?
  • Do you know what comes next?

If you have at least answered one of these questions with "NO", you should consider to take part in the MENTORING life sciences program 2017/18 and to become a Mentee of the 8th round. Many people may think it´s a waste of time, but in reality this time is invested in your own future. All in all the female mentoring program offers you tools to develop your full potential. Don´t miss this chance and join the program now..."