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Heike Hermanns

Biomedicine involves the study of (patho-)physiological processes with methods from biology, chemistry and physics. Approaches range from understanding molecular interactions to the study of the consequences at the in vivo level. These processes are studied with the particular point of view of devising new strategies for diagnosis and therapy.

Proteins that are proven or potential targets of therapeutic drugs are a prime focus of biomedical research in Würzburg. Such “target proteins” are the key topic of the Rudolf-Virchow-Center for Experimental Biomedicine. Target proteins are usually key determinants of cellular functions and they orchestrate the fundamental properties of cells, organs and organisms. The comprehensive analysis of target proteins and their integration in physiological networks is one of the main challenges for biomedical research. In the Section "Biomedicine" two disease areas are under special scrutiny: cancer and cardiovascular diseases. "Biomedicine" currently encompasses 2 DFG Research Training Groups (Graduiertenkollegs), and the Graduate Program of the DFG Research Center for Experimental Biomedicine (Rudolf-Virchow-Center). The section forms an interdisciplinary link between the different graduate training groups but also between different research institutes. Right from the start the doctoral students have the opportunity to work in international teams with scientists from many different fields and applying and developing state of the art technology such as cellular and molecular imaging, structure analysis or proteomics.

If you want to learn more about research going on in this area in Würzburg, there are several ways to proceed:

A. Have a look at the collaborative research programs and research training groups, mostly supported by the DFG:

B. Check the profiles of the principal investigators associated with this section

Principal Investigators of the section

C. Visit the homepages of the individual research centers, institutes and clinics (not everything is available in English on that level)