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Graduate School of Life Sciences

Information for Internationals

Visas and Residency in Germany for Non-EU Nationals

For doctoral researchers who are non-EU nationals, it will be necessary for you to inform yourself as to which sort of visa you will require in order to enter Germany.  The best source of information for this is the German embassy of your home country. Please do not apply for a tourist visa - it is NOT possible to convert a tourist visa to the correct type of visa for study/work once in Germany.

Once you have arrived in Würzburg and completed enrollment in the university, you will be able to extend your initial visa for a period of between 1 - 2 years, depending on your exact circumstances (e.g. if you have a stipend or contract).

You can find a helpful overview of residence permits here.

Additional Regulations for Internationals

Applicants from Mongolia and Vietnam are required to apply for an APS Certificate.
Documents from Chinese applicants will be checked by the International Office of the University of Würzburg and might need approval by an APS Certificate. This certificate is not necessary for the application as such but is obligatory for final admission. Without it, no candidate from the above-mentioned countries can be admitted to the Graduate School of Life Sciences. 
Candidates concerned must send their documents to the “Akademische Prüfstelle” (APS, Academic Certification Unit) of the German Embassy in Beijing, Ulan Bator or Hanoi respectively. There the documents will be checked and a certificate of authenticity will be issued.
More detailed information can be obtained from the following homepages: