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The core component of doctoral training is the advancement of knowledge through original research and ... interdisciplinary training and the development of
transferable skills, thus meeting the needs of the wider employment market.

Communiqué of the Conference of European Ministers
Responsible for Higher Education, Bergen 2005

The GSLS provides doctoral researchers with structured doctoral training. In cooperation with the thesis committees, individual training plans are developed depending on the doctoral researchers' academic backgrounds and the research projects.

In this section you can find detailed information on the training options open to all doctoral researchers of the GSLS. Participation in training of your choice is required in order to meet the requirements of your Study Program.

As elective activities doctoral researchers can visit Lectures, participate in Transferable Skills Workshops and receive  Research Training in one of GSLS-affiliated research groups.

We also list the training groups providing the basic Scientific Training such as journal clubs, jour fixes or retreats.

The attended activities have to be documented in the study book, which is mandatory for the thesis submission and serves as an important prerequisite for a comprehensive diploma supplement.