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Fight cancer by a newly developed substance shredding carcinogenic aurora Proteins. (Picture: Dr. S. Pernitzsch)

A shredder for cancer

Scientists at the universities of Würzburg and Frankfurt have developed a new active substance for the treat-ment of cancer. 
One of the scientists involved is Elmar Wolf, a GSLS member, and his doctoral students.

Read the full publication here.

The twice-yearly Welcome Week offers new doctoral researchers excellent networking opportunities (Picture: Gabriele Blum-Oehler)

Welcome Week 2020 No.2

Save the date!
for our virtual Welcome Week taking place from
26th - 28th October 2020

Career Development Fellowships

Career development fellowships especially support PhD students in the final stage of their project to continue their work for short periods after graduation and to start their Postdoc career.

> Next Application Deadline: 30th September 2020

> Information event: 3rd September, 12.30 pm (virtual format)

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