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GSLS Alumni honoured

GSLS Alumni Honoured at Foundation Celebration

Of 20 doctoral prizes, 4 recipients are GSLS alumni

Every year the University of Würzburg celebrates the ‘Stiftungsfest’, the Foundation Celebration which commemorates the original foundation of the university by Prince Bishop Johann von Egloffstein in 1402 and the second foundation by Prince Bishop Julius Echter von Mespelbrunn in 1582.  Outstanding doctoral theses which are either thematically relevant for Lower Franconia, or where the author has lived in the region for a longer period of time, have been honoured at this celebration for over 50 years.

Recipients of the Doctoral Prize from the Lower Franconian Memorial Year Foundation for Science (Unterfränkischen Gedenkjahrstiftung für Wissenschaft)
Foto: Rudi Merkl

Each doctoral prize awarded by the Lower Franconian Memorial Year Foundation for Science is endowed with €500. Traditionally the prizes have been awarded directly to the University.  Eugen Ehmann, President of the Lower Franconian Government and University President Alfred Forchel conferred the prizes on the 20 prize winners on 13th May 2019.

The GSLS is very proud that four prizes were awarded to our alumni this year: two in the area of the natural sciences and two in the field of medicine:

Natural Sciences:

Dr. Pauline Fleischmann
Starting foraging life: Early calibration and daily use of the navigational system in Cataglyphis ants
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rössler

Dr. Grit Pattschull
Crosstalk between the MMB complex and YAP in transcriptional regulation of cell cycle genes
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Stefan Gaubatz


Dr. Luise Appeltshauser
Detection and characterization of auto-antibodies against paranodal proteins in patients with inflammatory polyneuropathy
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Claudia Sommer

Dr. Matthias Nieberler
The physiological role of autoproteolysis of the Adhesion GPCR Latrophilin/dCIRL
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Tobias Langenhan

Dr. Pauline Fleischmann receives her doctoral prize from President of the Lower Franconia Goverment Eugen Ehmann. Left in the picture is University President Prof. Alfred Forchel.
Foto: Rudi Merkl

Dr. Grit Pattschull receives her doctoral prize
Foto: Rudi Merkl

Dr. Matthias Nieberler receives his doctoral prize
Foto: Rudi Merkl

You can read the original article in German here.