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Three Minute Thesis


3MT® is a contest conducted by universities worldwide. The rules  are simple:

Present your doctoral thesis 

  • from any research area,
  • in English,
  • in three minutes,
  • with one supportive slide

JMU joined 3MT for the first time in 2018, taking part in the European contest organized by the Coimbra Group. Our local winner was selected for the European finals at the University of Salamanca and came in third. 2022/23, after a long Corona-break, JMU rejoined the contest. For the 23/24 edition the Graduate Schools and the Research Academy of JMU co-organize the event.

February 2023: 3MT finalists and organizers of the event; picture by Theresa König

Why should you participate? Being able to explain complex thoughts and results to non-specialists is a core competence expected from every professional at doctoral level. Participation is thus good for your CV. However, as scientists and scholars we also bear responsibility to communicate our work to society, in order to raise awareness, spread knowledge, and maintain trust.

Participation is described here. 

We provide a preparative workshop, which is not obligatory, but highly recommended. Check here for details.

We will conduct our  local contest on 20 March 2024.

Additional resources regarding the competition can be found here.