University of Würzburg Graduate Schools

    The preparative workshop (max. 12 participants) will take place in two sessions:

    The first session will cover:

    • "Theory" on 3MT: why, what for, what to keep in mind
    • stage presence and presenting
    • practical exercises (power-point karaoke)
    • group discussion

    Between the first and the second session, participants will have to develop a fist version of their 3MT talk. The talk will be presented in the second session. We appreciate that not everybody might want to present their story in front of potential competitors, so you have the choice of having this part as an individual 20 min coaching session.

    Register by sending an e-mail to schroeder-koehne@uni-wuerzburg.de

    Coaches for both sessions:

    • Dr. Brooke Morriswood, scientist, science slammer,  actor, director, producer and science blogger
    • Dr. Stephan Schröder-Köhne, 3MT organizer and Coimbra 3MT judge

    We will provide a University of Würzburg Graduate Schools certificate for this course.